Course Overview

When I began this project I wanted to give people some way to tap into their true artistic abilities. Painting what we feel is just as real as what we see. So, we begin by portraying emotions and sensations. Paint the color of love, the sound of a trash truck banging trash cans together, the smell of the trash trucks contents. If you think you cannot paint these sensation and sounds you are in for al lot of fun. Believe me you can paint love and fear, you need only to try it.

Next we learn to begin with an emotion and then add the person, place, or thing. After these first experiments, and gaining some confidence, we will explore the many ways of creating unity and variety. These ideas are the backbone of design and the doorway to creativity in paint. 

Repetition always builds unity and variety always establishes excitement, so we will explore these principles to make strong compelling exciting images. The workshop concludes with the process of discovery. Letting the painting come to use through a sequence of exploring paint. Giving up a desire to master and control and to enjoy the process of applying paint to paper or canvas in a thoughtful and way. 

Course curriculum

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    • Lesson 1: Expressing emotional ideas without realistic images

    • Lesson 2: First create the emotion or sense and then add the recognizable subject

    • Lesson 3: Start with a formula for making heads and then create the emotions and character of the person.

    • Lesson 4: By changing the contrast of value or color, we obtain differing ideas and moods

    • Lesson 5: Learning to love paint application as a personal expression.

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How it Works

This is an entirely online course that consists of five pre-recorded lessons. What this means is you can start the course whenever it fits your schedule, no more waiting for a class in your area! Just click "Buy now", pay, and start watching the content as soon as you're ready as many times as you like.

There are many benefits to this format, including:

  • Self-paced learning: Watch, pause, and rewind as much as you want. When you're finished watch them again!
  • No expiration: Pay once and have access forever.
  • Watch any time: You can buy and start watching in minutes! No need to wait for an in-person workshop, the content is ready whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Watch anywhere: No need to travel or wait for Skip to come to your area. Plus you don't have to move your equipment. Learn and paint where you're most comfortable.
  • More Affordable: No expensive travel costs, and more affordable than in-person workshops.

Since the content is pre-recorded you will not have direct interactions with Skip. This may be disappointing for students who have studied directly with Skip in the past. To help with this, if you would like to have a consultation with Skip by phone or video conference (Zoom, Facetime, etc.), he invites you to contact him to set up a meeting. A one-hour consultation is $150.

Phone: 240-626-1134

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